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Academic Plan, or whowhatwhenwherewhyhow
December 13, 2008

Before I describe my academic plan, I think that it’s important to identify what I want to do in life. In short, I want to be a film professor. I want to teach and help first generation college students (like myself). I want to get my Ph.D. and publish tons of papers. I want to write a book of essays on David Lynch because, frankly, the ones out there right now are hit or miss. I want to have tenure and do lots of work with horror movies and film noir. I’d love to at least have a visiting professorship at Oberlin College, my alma mater.

So, how do I get there? Here’s a list of what I’d like to accomplish each semester of my MA program.

Fall 2008

  • Take 3 courses: Understanding Media Studies, Media Studies: Ideas, and Noir of the 90s.
  • Research academic journals and conferences. These are how people get into academia, after all. Learn how to apply.

Spring 2009

  • Take 3 courses: Media Studies: Concepts, Museums as Media, and Media and American Modernity.
  • Apply to (and hopefully attend) at least one conference.
  • Further research getting published. What do the page limits look like? What are the requirements?
  • Attempt to write down every film I watch.

Summer 2009

  • Take one class, potentially online. This will probably be a production or methods class.
  • Use my free(-ish) time to write a new piece.
  • Read as many journals as possible.
  • Keep in touch with professors — they’re a great resource for connections and advice.

Fall 2009

  • Take three courses — one in production, one or two in theory, and zero or one in methods.
  • Keep up with the journals, as always.
  • Constantly submit to journals and conferences, even if it is annoying and emotionally trying.
  • Look into Ph.D. programs. I’m not sure how soon I’ll go for my Ph.D., but it’s smart to get ahead and be aware of what’s available.

Spring 2010

  • Finish up my courses.
  • Decide where in the world I’d like to live.
  • Apply — to jobs, to journals, maybe to other academic programs, maybe to weird scholarship programs. Just apply.
  • Of course, graduate.

At the end of this adventure, I’d like to have published at least one article and have attended at least one conference. While that’s not all it takes to be an academic or get a job, I think that it’ll be a terrific start.